Final render of the garage

The things we leave behind

Hello everyone,

The title can be misleading and get you think that I made a turn to psychology and decided to write about the condition of hoarding or the way it is called. From what I know it is a state of mind where you can’t get rid of anything you have in your possession. Even empty cans which would better be off to recycle! But good for you, I haven’t… yet!

After the discovery of normal maps, I decided it was time for me to bring forth a concept into reality. What better way to see where you stand, by creating a complete scene just like the ones we envy at Artstation! So I gathered my list of my previously created models to see which can be used or what ideas I might come with. Always go back at your archived models and look at what you have created. Model recycling is the best thing you can do to your work time, because it can save it… by many many hours.

In my previous post I showed you the tire and how the normal maps can save you lots of polygons. Now I used the rim of the same wheel to create an abandoned garage! That’s model recycling (I think). You need to prototype fast while the idea is burning. If you spend a week to model everything from the start you might even lose the will or the vision of the concept.

The concept I came up with is “The things that we leave behind”. Everything has a soul and lives until no one remembers it anymore. I created an abandoned garage from someone who maybe was a “Fast & Furious” fan and this was his personal workshop. But for some reason he went away. He left it empty with just some rims and blueprints. But why did he leave? Maybe he got married and moved out with his wife to a better place. Or maybe his own passion made him leave to a better place. Who knows.

And now that I have you in the mood, here is the render with the post-processing.

For the years that have passed, the souls of the rims are withering away. They used to race across the land with their owner; but these days are gone. And now they just stand there still; without purpose.

I captured the souls of the rims as fire that is burning thin from them. The foremost rim is halfway burnt. The others have not progressed so much. Could it be that staying on the stand makes them feel that there is hope for them to be used again? The one laying on the floor is not quite sure.

And this is it for this post. The rendering was done with Blender and the post-processing with Photoshop. I am sorry if I depressed you a little but don’t expect unicorns from me every time…! Every scene has something to tell and I wanted you to have a glimpse of my mindset while I was creating it.

Thank you for your time and until next time,
Stay healthy and active!