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Time to return! (again)

Hello people,

After another big hiatus from posting in this blog, I am back again with yet another update. All these months were filled with training and trying my best to learn as much as possible about graphics and the internals of the programs I am assigned. In February I finished my Master’s thesis and received my Master’s degree in Information Technology specialized in Digital Media and Computer Graphics.

My thesis is an educational one since I didn’t have the time to do actual research while I was in the company’s training. Learning new things for 9 hours straight was a numbing factor for my mind and research was not an option. Nevertheless, the educational theme is about Ambient Occlusion and a beginner friendly introduction of the graphics pipeline. Starting from the graphics pipeline, the reader can learn about the different components and then combine them all together to produce a result – the Ambient Occlusion. There are pieces that both beginner and intermediate level readers can enjoy.

The only problem is that the thesis is in Greek (except the abstract!) because of University rules. I am thinking of translating it in English and uploading it for free personal use; even if only one of you benefit from it, then it is a win for me.

Until the next update,

Be well and stay healthy!

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