First blog post and first asset pack

“This is your very first post.”
Just like as WordPress is suggesting me to write, this is indeed my first blog post..!

I am a Software Engineer from Greece who gets excited by everything new that crosses his path.

This blog was primarily created because I needed an account to upload my first asset pack into Unity but it seems that I will keep it updated and, why not, start blogging!

Future me, I know you will be embarassed of yourself when you will be reading this in 1-2 years from now, but please forgive me because I have no idea what I am supposed to do or write…!

Anyway, after a couple weeks of hard work, I finally finished my first 3D model asset pack which I will upload into the Unity Asset Store for free! I had started delving into creating games with Unity and the first struggle that I faced (after I learned how to create GameObjects and writing the behaviour) was that I didn’t have the models I needed. With a quick search into the Asset Store, one can find every kind of 3D models they want; paid or free.

But what if you can’t find what you want? What if you want to just fast prototype your game and see how it plays along? If you don’t have the budget, you can’t just buy an asset pack only to try it.

That’s why I created this Workplace Tools pack for these prototyping minds that need to use a simple and lightweight model for their early game state.

Thanks a lot for your attention and probably there is more to come!

Here is the link in Sketchfab!

EDIT 12/4/2017
Here is the link in the Unity Asset Store!